Why We Don’t Do Black Friday Sales

Hey there, euHost family!

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday loom on the horizon, you might be wondering if we’re going to join the discount dance. Spoiler alert: We’re not. And here’s why it’s actually great news!

We’re like that cool, boutique café that doesn’t need a flashy sign because the coffee is just that good. At euHost, we believe in serving up premium hosting with a side of superb performance every single day. Why limit the goodness to just one day, right?

Our approach?

Fair prices 24/7/365 (366 on leap years, because, why not?). This means you get top-tier service without playing the “wait for a sale” game. Plus, our prices aren’t just magic numbers pulled out of a hat. They’re thoughtfully set so we can keep innovating, investing in snazzy tech, and ensuring our team doesn’t have to live on instant noodles (we love them, but you know, balance).

In a world where Black Friday emails flood inboxes like confetti, we choose to stand out by not having a sale. Because with us, every day is a chance to score the best deal – excellent service at a fair price.

So, here’s to making smart choices and sipping the metaphorical, year-round, top-quality euHost coffee!



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