What makes us stand out?

Hi, I’m Tom Robak, euhost founder. Let me start with short story and I will reply to above question on this page

I have been involved in hosting services since 2001. It was then that I had my first simple HTML website. Literally two years before WordPress was founded. I have used hundreds of hosting companies since then. It was a great experience and lesson. 16 years later I created hosting for WordPress. Now it’s time for a main dish.

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Why was euhost created?

Hosting was created out of the need and general bad experience with the hosting companies I’ve used. Even the big names in the industry or most recommended hosting in the social media didn’t provide they quality I was expected. There were quite a few reasons for dissatisfaction:

  • Poor performance: This is due to several factors, ranging from the speed of the hosting machine’s connection to the world, to low performance resulting from cheap components and weak configuration.
  • Outdated Technology: Big hosting companies conservatively adopt modern technology. There are many reasons for this, but the fact is technology rushes forward to make things easier and better for us.
  • Poor Technical support: The level of knowledge and approach always left something to be desired. Either they reply after a few days, or say your request is impossible to do.
  • Empty slogans: cheap hosting plans, infinite disk space … it’s hard to believe it still works.

And here began the adventure of building better hosting. The first hosting was created for my own needs and to host my customer’s websites in 2015. Several years of experience in working with WordPress meant that I knew exactly what kind of hosting and configuration I would like to use to have the best website performance and modern technology. The next two years are polishing technical support and finally opening up to anyone looking for a better hosting solution.

In July 2017, dreams of fast hosting came true. Fully optimised hosting for WordPress has started. Two years later, the hosting service received its brand – SERWER (which simply mean server from polish language). That brand was finally replaced and Serwer.io became euhost.co – simply because we get more and more awesome clients from whole Europe.

Today we are facing the hosting market, it is a veritable oligopoly in which customers have become anonymous positions in the spreadsheet, and the quality of the services provided is worrying. We’re changing it, but our goal is not (and never will be) to beat the competition or convince users to change. We do what we believe and our vision attracts like minded customers who are looking for a better hosting solution.

Why us?

We have three simple rules that shape euhost.co existence in the hosting market

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We care about our clients

We provide fast and effective technical support. We have knowledge and use it every day, because our users are not just items in a spreadsheet. We care about you and the security of your websites. We monitor availability, detect DDoS attacks, scan and remove malware every day. We are always available for you and ready to help with any technical issue.

We do our best every single day

We use modern technology. We optimise our servers so that your website loads in no time. To ensure great performance, we use LiteSpeed, new machines with AMD processors and NVMe disks (because SSDs are too slow), fast MariaDB databases, modern PHP 7.x and PHP 8, Redis and most importantly – LScache. Unlike the competition, we do not overload servers with websites, we make sure that everything is optimised and we focus on quality first. What’s more… we keep everything up to date – not just software, but also hardware.

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We want to be awesome… and we are!

We have nothing in small print. We are not cheating. We provide an easy-to-use and modern Plesk panel. You have all the necessary tools at your disposal, and if you need individual solutions, we implement them for you. If you have a problem, we help you solve it.

What they say about us...

I'm with this host from about 3 years now and I have to say it's the best I found in time!

Great customer service! They respond immediately and help you solve any problem.

Dziękuję. Wszystko naprawione.

Pewny, solidny, stabilny hosting w dobrej cenie! Polecam!

Petal Twine

Great service, efficient communication and a really easy way to deal. Lots of help and support. Very responsive. I would highly recommend.

Mark Pacura

Been using euHost for both my website for couple of years, and could not be happier. Great speed & service.

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