Migration wphost.pro

Hi! I am very happy that you are here because it means your website is about to receive a great update! To make the whole process as efficient as possible, all information and individual steps are described below. So let’s begin!

What are we actually changing?

Currently there are several reasons for this change.

First of all, the server on which your website is located is 5 years old. And as you well know, I promised to keep everything in the best condition for efficiency, optimization and security. So the hardware change is logical, and it’s a good time, as we have the latest AMD-based servers, even faster and more durable NVMe drives, and more powerful RAM memories.

Secondly, since February 2022, we have been systematically receiving increase prices from software license operators, which we use for hosting, hardware, service, technical support, etc. In general, everything became more expensive. I won’t elaborate on that, you hear about price increases every day. I will only write one thing – the change in which you participate is part of my plan to not send an email to customers that their hosting will become more expensive. I would like to stay in the group of the few who will keep the price and quality despite the market disaster. I will not go the way of the most popular and famous web hosts that keep prices at the expense of quality.

Thirdly, the re-branding of Serwer.io is underway – more and more foreign clients are joining the hosting and unfortunately they have problems with the name of the server, which is very Polish. So Serwer.io is now euhost.co. Re-branding does not affect the quality of the service.

What do you have to do?

Forgive me for having to, but the whole change process was so complicated that my team and I spent much more time than planned. So you must, sorry, refers to the enormous request for your response time. Like now or as soon as you read it. Theoretically, we could change the server by keeping all DNSs unchanged, so I wouldn’t need your involvement … but due to the rebranding and operator change, a few steps are for you to do.

Change DNS

This is the basic and most important step in migration. Your website, e-mail accounts and all files are already transferred to the new server, but in order for the world to see your website from the new server, you need to change the name servers. You will do it in a very simple way.

Log in to the website where you bought the domain, i.e. the place where you pay for your domain every year … it can be godaddy.com, ovh, gandi, google domains, etc …

If you do not remember where you bought and pay for the domain, search your e-mails or look at who.is

How to check where a domain was purchased?

The change applies only to name servers, i.e. name servers. You currently have two/three name servers set up, ns0.whitespot.co, ns1.whitespot.co and ns2.whitespot.co. Please change them to:

  • ns0.wphost.pro
  • ns1.wphost.pro
  • ns2.wphost.pro

In this order 0, 1, 2. If you cannot add a third nameserver, use only ns0.wphost.pro and ns1.wphost.pro

After the nameservers have been successfully saved, the change operation will take from several minutes to 24 hours. In case of problems, immediately contact the domain’s technical support and ask them to change these nameservers to the above (submit them in the application)

If you don’t know how to do it
Umów rozmowę ze mną

Access to email

If you are using e-mail accounts on hosting, read on, if you have gsuite or other e-mail that is not related to your domain or hosting, you can skip this step.

The access address to your e-mail is changing. The access configuration in the e-mail programs must be changed, that is, the SMTP and IMAP servers. It is best to set them in your domain, i.e. the SMTP / IMAP server will have the following structure: mail.yourdomain.com.

For example, for the domain tomrobak.com it will be the address mail.tomrobak.com; for the wptom.co domain it will be mail.wptom.co

You can also use the main IMAP / SMTP address, i.e. enter wphost.pro in the appropriate fields

If you use an email account with IMAP access, you can also delete the account and add it again (all messages will remain on the hosting).

If you don’t know how to do it
Umów rozmowę ze mną

Ports, passwords, users – this remains the same. Below is an example of how to change servers

Apple Mail Configuration

SMTP/IMAP server = mail.yourdomain.com or wphost.pro

Change IMAP / SMTP in Apple Mail

Remember that you need to configure e-mail accounts on all devices such as computer, phone, tablet, etc.

3. Logging in to the customer panel

So far, all your services, invoices and data were available at panel.serwer.io. This address is replaced and you can now log in to the new address https://my.euhost.co – all logins and passwords remain unchanged

4. Login to your hosting panel (Plesk)

If you want to log in directly to the Plesk panel, you can do it by going to https://s1.wphost.pro – your logins and passwords remain unchanged.

We can help you out with all!

We perfectly understand that not everyone can make changes to DNS. For this purpose, you can outsource it to us today. Fill in the form below and my team or I will take care of it right away and let you know about the changes afterwards.

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