Hosting name change

The day has come. The existing hosting name of has been replaced. As of today, hosting has a new name, Why?

Well, the reason for this change is the fact that today the vast majority of our great clients come from abroad. Clients from Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy etc. All who decided to join the hosting are English speaking. Unfortunately, we do not have separate language versions for German, Spanish, French etc. And the name of the Serwer in English sounds idiotic. Until we explain that this is equivalent to the word server, no one understood it.

euhost logo - Hosting name change

That’s behind us, of course, in terms of social media, the software licenses that we use on hosting may still appear as the name of the Serwer, not euhost … but we are already working on unifying everything.

We create hosting for WordPress websites. We use state-of-the-art technologies to ensure your website has the best load times, security and less worry.

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